Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am now at 119 lbs!

I am so motivated! I want to thank my family for all their positive motivation. My loving husband for eating alot of leftovers and telling me I'm beautiful no matter what. My parents have encouraged me every step of the way. Even when I felt discouraged. Plenty of times I felt like giving up. My mom helped me realize that if you put your mind to anything you can do it. My dad is the one that introduced me to this diet and if it wasn't for him I would be 141+lbs heavier. I am very thankful to have such a supporting family. I am currently 118.8 lbs my long term final goal is to reach 115 lbs and 22% body fat. Last but not least thank you to all my wonderful subscribers on youtube as well! You guys have gone through it with me. Thank you for all the support. You can do it. We can do it together!

From 135-119 lbs!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

So I finally made an appointment to get my wisdom teeth taken out on the 6th of October! Yikes! Has anyone else had all of their 4 wisdom teeth taken out?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Finally reached my Goal of 120 lbs!!!

So I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 120.4 lbs! I am super excited! I can't believe it took me almost 2 weeks to lose 1 pound. Will I did it I reached my goal. My next goal will be to lower my body fat percentage. Right now it is at a 28.5 percent. Which means that my body is 28.5 percent fat. I am hoping to get it down to 23 percent. My water percent is at 51 percent. And I am hoping to get that at 55 percent. I have one of those new weighing scales that measures my body fat and water percentage. It's actually really handy especially when you are trying to lose weight and get healtier. So that you can make sure your not losing muscle mass while you are dieting. Like I promised I will be coming out with another video this weekend. Thank you for all your support. I am making a list of all the questions that I received so far and will be answering them in my next upcoming video. Thanks for all your support.