Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping Starbucks and Subway!

I had so much fun today!

So I hope everyone appreciates the pictures. I almost got arrested! Apparently you can't take pitures in the Mall. Go figure. I was stopped by American Eagles Manager and when I asked them why, they told me it was for "security reasons" What security reasons? You're not a bank? So I decided to take some pictures of myself outside the stores and then I was stopped my the police and was told unless you have children in the play area or Santa is around, there will be no picture taking in the Mall!

Weight loss update!
Weight- 116 lbs
Size 2 jeans
Size XS sweater


Here are the pictures I was able to get before I was stopped by the law.

My favorite stores~

Abercrombie and Fitch


Victoria's Secret

Subway A Philly Cheesesteak Sub!

Enjoying a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Yum!

Fall Fashion


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I had my wisdom teeth pulled today first thing this morning. The dentist told me that I would have to get my wisdom teeth taken out because I didn't have any room for them to grow. I decided to get a second opinion and then a third. And they all said the same thing. This was back in 2001 when they told I should have them removed. For the next few years I experienced the most painful feeling coming from my wisdom teeth trying to grow in. It would hurt for 1-2 weeks each time ever year. I never under stood the purpose of orajel because all that did was make my mouth taste funny and a little numb but did nothing for my teeth pain. The only thing that I found worked to help the pain go away was rinsing with salt water and taking some pain medicines like advil or aleve. But again it would be a temporary fix. So this past March I started to feel the pain coming back and I knew then that I would have to get these teeth taken out before it became completely unbearable. I wasn't able to eat or even talk at times. And the pain would get so bad the thought of the whole ice skate incident on "Castaway" started to sound like a wonderful idea. So I called the Dentist office to make an apoinment to get some x-rays done and of course a teeth cleaning while I was there.

So I got to the Dentist office and they took x-rays of my mouth and found that I had 2 impacted teeth on the bottom and the two top ones were fully grown in and the one on the left had started rotting. So I asked the Dentist once again if I would need to get them taken out and he said yes. They gave me a few recommendations and the numbers to the Oral Surgeons office and as soon as I came home I started calling around for prices.

Delaing with the Insurance Company
I call my insurance company to check and see how much their coverage was and they told me with oral surgeries would be 20/80 meaning I would pay 20% and my insurance would cover 80%. However no Oral Surgeon in the whole State of South Carolina was a PPO Preferred provider organization, which basically ment that they would still cover me 80% but anything that was charged over the allowed allowance of my insurance company would be my responsibility. Luckily the place that I went to was well under the allowed amount. However would only cover the Sedation and not the Nitrous Oxide a.k.a.(happy gas) so luckily getting knocked out was my only option.

Making an appointment
I called the Oral Surgeons office and set up an appointment for Oct 6th at 8:30am. So I could go first thing in the morning and get it over with. I also called my parents so they could come over and help me through all this. Gotta love it when your parents are here for you and nursing you back to health. Nothing else like it.

The day of the appointment and what to expect
I made sure to put my camara next to my purse so that I would be able to record myself afterwards to see how silly I looked. And hopefully post it on youtube for my lovely subscribers to see. I woke up at 6:45am that morning and read more information about how to take care of yourself and what all to expect. I found some useful information. It's very important to not smoke, spit, rinse, eat any solid or hot foods or use a straw the first 24 hours and as long as you can afterwards. The first 4-5 days is the most crucial time to let your gums heal and prevent dry sockets. The reason for this is because of you may cause a dry socket. A dry socket is any socket in which a patient is having pain due to the loss of the blood clot thus exposing the bone to air, food, and fluids along with an offensive odor. This often occurs two or more days after an extraction and can last about 5-6 days. It is normal to have soreness and discomfort following an extraction.

On the way to the Oral Surgeons Office
The traffic was pretty bad, but it always is at 7:50am in the morning. I listed to my favorite radio station that morning b93.7 and listened to Hawk and Tom in the morning, they are hilarious. They were talking about zits and undies. So I got a good laugh considering I was a mess. I felt like I was going to pass out in the car from all the anxiety I was feeling from being so nervous. They say that the fear of the unknown is what people are actually afraid of the most. So I kept trying to remind myself of that and to take deep soothing breathes. As we pulled in to the Oral Surgeons Office we ended up showing up 30 minutes earlier, so I decided to take some pitures and listen to the radio until they opened the doors for us to go in. There was an older couple that had an appointment and were waiting for the doors to open as well. And my husband saw the 75 year old man going to check on the door every 10 minutes and made a joke saying, "Well I guess we'll know when they open the doors because Mr. Impatient over there keeps checking." It was cute and funny. When the doors finally opened. I opened the car door and told my husband that I was good to go and no longer in any pain and that I changed my mind. And her told me that there was no turning back. dun dun dun.

My procedure
So when I got there. They called my name while my husband read a magazing and waited in the waiting room. The dental assistant April asked me if I needed to use the restroom and I told her no. And as soon as I sat down I asked her if I could go give my pocket book to my husband and after I did that I asked to use the restroom. So when I came back I was told to sit in the Dentist chair and lean back. Then I started to feel a little nervous again. the lady there was very nice and polite and told me that my teeth didn't look that bad and that it would probably be a pretty easy procedure. So that made me feel a little better. The Oral Surgeon came in and he took one look at me and told me that looking at me reminded him how much he missed Hawaii. I was wondering if he knew I was actually Korean. Which he did mention that I looked Asian. And said thank you. I told him my brother in law actually went to Hawaii and that he said the area was beautiful. The Oral Surgeon Dr. Traynham asked me if I had ever been and I told him no but my brother in law showed me lots of pictures. So Dr. Traynham told me that I had nothing to worry about and that everything should go smoothly. They had me sign a form stating everything that might or could occur. One of the things that was listed was may cause heart problems or even death. I was like ok whatever signed and returned the paper work back to them. Don't you just love it when you read somethind and the symtoms always seem to include in rare cases may cause death. Well after talking with Dr. Traynham he told me that he was going to give me something to take the edge off and make me more relaxed. I was like "sweet" bring on the good stuff. So he came back a few minutes later and gave me a shot to relax me. As April was applying the band-aid I asked her what that was that Dr. Traynham injected and she said some kind of relaxer. I was like okay. they said that it was supposed to take about 20 mintutes for it to completely kick in. And for someo reason I remember looking at the clock and it being 8:50 and I sorda remember April having to pick me up in the chair, I must have scooted a little. And after that I found myself sitting there some what awake and my husband coming in to see me. I asked him "What happened, is it over, have they even started, is it time to go home?" He said yep you're all done. What?! Really?! Weird.

Coming Home
So right before we left the parking lot, my loving husband recorded me so I could post the video later on youtube. And then I started to record myself a few times before the batteries died. You know how people normally don't have any recollection of what happened shortly afterwards. I was only in lala land for about 30 minutes to an hour. they must have made me wait in the recovery room before sending me home. Because as soon as we were in the car at 11:00am I was coherant enough to remember going to the car and video taping myself. So thankfully after they sedate you you quickly snap out of it about 30 minutes to an hour later. As soon as we got home my husband went to CVS to get my prescription medicine. There were four. A pain reliever oxycodone for pain, some suppository to relieve nausea because pain medicines make me feel queezy, aome antibotics, and another medicine to help my digestive tract. It was alot of medicine. As soon as I got home I drank a french vanilla slimfast, which by the way was one of the trickest things to do. I couldn't feel my bottom lip so I pretty much wore most of it, too bad you can't use a straw. Then took a pain pill and fell asleep for 2 hours and am now typing this blog.

Things you can eat
First 24 hours is a liquid diet and nothing hot!
After the first 24 hours
apple sauce, mashed potatoes, tomato soup, chicken noodle or any soup etc. oat meal, mashed anything, slimfast, ice cream and yogurt