Friday, April 9, 2010

My Ears are popping!!!

So for the past month my left ear would not stay popped. It was so annoying. For the first week I felt like I had to constantly pop my left ear and that they wouldn't stayed popped. I tried everything. I tried swim ear, ear wax softener and even and ear cleanser. Nothing worked. I did a lot of research online to try and diagnose myself since I just hate going to the doctors office unless I absolutely have to. So I finally thought that it was some kind of habit that I have taught myself to do. It drove in crazy and I would actually try to see how long I could go without popping my left ear. And I would go for quite awhile before I felt like I couldn't hold it in anymore and start popping my ears. The ear started to ache a little. I am assuming from all the ear popping that I had done. So finally a week ago I had had enough and called to make an appointment with my doctor to try and figure out what was going on.

So I just came back from my doctors appointment and they said that I had ear wax build up and that they were going to need to irrigate my ear and flush it out with warm water. They use this huge silver metal contraption and fill it with warm water, tell you to hold a cup what looks like a mini bed pan close to your ear to catch the water when it comes shooting back out of your ear and also give you a cover that looks like the conver gown you get when you go to your stylist to get your hair done. So the first time she did it. I felt a huge pressure of water go shooting into my ear and it felt like I had turn the faucet on directly in my ear. It felt so scary and she told me that nothing had come out. No ear wax that is. So she had to do it again. I remember thinking, Again? I'm scared that was scary enough the first time and then she did it again and again and again. But still no ear wax. So she did it a total of five times before she decided to get the doctor back in to see if the wax was still there. Well she had pushed the wax to the side and on the top part of my ear canal and out of the way of my ear drum. So the doctor could now see my ear drum and she wasn't able to see it before. She told me she found out what was causing my ears to feel like they needed to be constantly popped. The same feeling you get when you are on an airplane or drive through a mountain. Except that I didn't do either or. Well she told me that I had a few bubbles behind my ear drum indicating that I had fluid behind my ear drum, which is caused from having allergies which I had or a cold or sinus infection which also I had had. Well when that occurs your Eustachian tube which helps drain the fluids from your ears was swollen and prevented the fluid from draining and trapped behind my ear drum. So she prescribed me an antibiotic, congestion, antihistamine and some allergy medicine. So I will keep you posted and let you know how I feel later. My doctor told me that it would take about 12 weeks to drain.

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Nadia said...

Omg, I bet that was scary, I think that I have the same ear wax problem. Just of thiking of this "washing thing" I get scared.
I hope that you are fine now.