Monday, March 29, 2010

Sephora Giveaway!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My New Hair Highlights!!!

So I decided to get some highlights to prepare myself for Spring. I went to my Hair Stylist Joy and she highlighted my hair and added a caramel toner to it. A toner is a color. If you have dark hair, you have to get your hair bleached and then add color to it in order to reach your desired color.

Now let me back track you to the beginning of my day....

I woke up and got ready and before I leave the house I like to make sure everything is orderly and organized, which anyone that is big on organizing or O.C.D. knows that it takes forever to leave the house. So I got everything together and got myself ready and breakfast made and was ready to leave the house. So I get in my car and notice that the gas gage is on E. So I had to go back up stairs and get my other debit card and then the phone rings. It was my stylist telling me that I could come in 30 mins early if I wanted. I told her that I would try to make it there before my appointment time but I still had to pick up my friend on the other side of town and then of course stop by Starbucks and asked her if she would like anything from there too. So I then ran back downstairs got in my car and headed off to my friends house. So when I got to her street I had a hard time finding her house. It was my first time coming to her house and for some reason her street was very high traffic and since she told me she lived at the very beginning of the street I had to drive very slowly. And there were 10 cars behind me honking behind me to speed up. Needless to say I passed her house and finally arrived. So when I got there she of course showed me around since I had never been there, and then I decided to record a short video of the before look so I could upload it on youtube later. Well my friend was holding onto my camcorder like it was a baby and her index finger happen to be on the zoom button. So while she was recording me my face kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and she had no idea why. Wo while she was recording me she started to freaking out and laughing and waved her arms hysterically to wrap it up so I thought the battery was dying so I did. By the way I had thought I had charged the camcorder but apparently I had not. So, I told her that the zoom button is on the top and that her finger was resting on it the whole time. So the ending of the video was cut out since it was mostly my nostrils. It ended up working out since it gave my viewers a close up on the before shot of my hair. So after we were done recording we headed off towards Starbucks and got us some drinks. Well needless to say I got lost on the way to hy hair stylist's Salon. I finally got there and was able to get started on my hair.


My Stylist/Owner of Salon 290

The infamous dryer

The rinsing, so theraputic...


So after I had my hair done I get in my car to leave and come to find out my car doesn't start! I ran out of gas!!! Luckily there was a gas station right across the street, so I got to pump gas into my car the old fashion way for the first time and hopefully the last.

Me putting gas into my car

Video of my hair before and after