Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 1 "Weightloss Journey Pictures"

I am going on a weightloss journey. I will be taking pictures and updating my blog every 3 days. Join me and we can motivate each other. I don't mind criticism. :)


Height- 5'1 154.94cm
Weight- 142lbs 64.5kg
Measurements- 39-32-39
Bra Size- 34 DD
Shirt Sizes- Medium-Large
Pant Size- 9

Short Term Goal- 135lbs
Long Term Goal- 125lbs

front view


side views


back view


Wai Li said...

I'll join you.

pinkmacprincess said...


Stacey said...

good for you for doing this. I want to loose 20 pounds but I am having a hard time with the motivation department lol

Amanda N said...

This is so great that your doing this.. I want to join you too but I dont know how well my weight loss will be because I always start and stop start and stop because of school and such.. This will be my last semester so maybe my weight lost will be better

pinkmacprincess said...

Thank you! We can motivate each other. :)

sabby said...

Is your trainer giving you a diet to follow also?

pinkmacprincess said...

He hasn't yet. But I plan on getting one from him.

sabby said...

Would you recommend your 3 day diet?