Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Personal Trainer Time!

I decided if I want to get into shape I need to start exercising. Since I don't like to exercise I decided to get a personal trainer. I have had a personal trainer once in the past and I wasn't really devoted to it 100%. This time I really want to get into shape. So I started googling personal trainers and stumbled across "in home personal trainers." For some reason it never dawned on me to ever get a in home one. So I scheduled an appointment for today. I will be working with a personal trainer two times a week hopefully for one month straight and then take it from there.

As far as stats and everything go I am the same weight and still look like the pictures posted in my last blog. I am thinking about starting a weight loss vlog on my new channel. Let me know if that is something you would be interesting in seeing.


Alicia said...

Hey Amanda, I'm so interested on loosing weight...and I really appreciate your dedication on this. I just wanna thank you for so much information, because thanks to you I'm gonna try the 3day diet, I have been working on other thinks, but non of them have worked!!
My question is, for how long can you do the diet? and can I do exercice while I am in diet?
I don't speak good english, so if there is any mistake with the spelling, don't be surpriced...
Can I get a email direccion or something to ask you the question directly??
Thank you so much!!

Magen Dimick said...

Most definitely! I would love the weightloss vlog