Monday, July 16, 2012

Target doesn't have a size chart online???

So I'm doing some shopping online and I wanted to buy a couple of cute target dresses and I found that they don't have a size chart so I called customer service and they gave me the size chart and told me that they will pass along the suggestion to have a online size chart that is viewable to the public. Odd how you would have to suggest that to a company that has been around for decades. I guess they assume that at one time or another that you have stepped inside a Target store and know what size you are automatically. Since I have lost some weight I am not quite certain what size I am currently. So here is the size chart to anyone that is interested and doesn't feel like calling customer service for it. One last thing that I found to be amusing is that their size chart comes with a weight estiment as well. I think that's awesome!

US womens sizes
x-small 2 bust 32-34 waist 22-24 hip 33-35 estimated weight 105
x-small 4 bust 34 waist 25 hip 36 weight 115
small 6 bust 34 waist 26 hip 37 weight 125
small 8 bust 35 waist 27 hip 38 weight 135
medium 10 bust 36 waist 28 hip 39 weight 145
medium 12 bust 37 waist 30 hip 41 weight 155
large 14 bust 39 waist 31 hip 42 weight 165
large 16 bust 40 waist 33 hip 44 weight 175
x-large 18 bust 42 waist 34 hip 45 weight 180
xx-large 20 bust 44 waist 36 hip 47 weight 195

Target Size Chart United States US Sizes


Jillie Duncan-Jack said...

i am trying to shop online, but their dress sizes for women's plus are 1,2,3, or 4. i have no idea what they mean!

pinkmacprincess said...

From what I understand the number sizes are plus sizes. 1= 1x 2=2x 3=3x 4=4x Hope this helps.

phaephae said...

here is the complete size chat! hope this helps =)

Kate Lockridge said...

so why does everybody say that target is guilty of "vanity sizing"? these look like pretty standard measurements to me.

Karen Ikola-Marin said...

Thank you! These charts helped me a lot.

HadleyA said...

What about for girls?