Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to make a Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Someone CHASED after me!!!

So last weekend my best friend Marlana and I enjoyed a mini vacation. At first it was really nice and calm. We go shopping, have sushi, and take a nice stroll downtown. We stayed at the Hyatt which is currently under construction and, because it is, we get a coupon upon check in for a free appetizer at their restaurant. To me, that makes sense. I mean, the hotel is so gutted that I was surprised our room wasn't a cardboard box with two dirty towels in it for our beds. Hyatt could, at least, give us some cheese sticks to distract us. Anyway, after our stroll downtown, we decide it is snack time so we return to the hotel. Okay, here is the snag. The coupon isn't REALLY for an appetizer. It is for a special 'appetizer' which is more like a...sample...and two people can't even split it. So, in essence, it is a trick to make you buy more food. Fine, we'll just buy more food. You win, Hyatt.

The waitress and hostess begin to have a tiny argument. It's not abrasive but it's not professional. Marlana and I shut up because you can hear them bickering. But it isn't a big deal...not yet. They bring the food and drop one of the containers of the floor which ends up rolling under the table. Ew. The waitress picks it up and then tries to put it into our bag. EWWWWW! Now, if I had been alone, I would have taken the container and threw it away at once. No big deal but...gross. I stare the woman down until she says ' you want me to get another one?' I say 'Well....if it is ours' and it is food related...yes.' The woman basically says 'Fine' and you can tell what she really meant was 'I hate you. Go die.' Marlana and I look to one another and frown. The hostess asks ' she going to get you more Salsa?' I tell her 'It fell on the floor and rolled under the table.' The woman EXPLAINS 'It would have been fine. It's in a container and has a lid on it's not like the salsa is dirty. You didn't really need another.' OMFG!!!! Thank goodness for you, Lady. We might have wasted a dixie cup of salsa if you hadn't have been here. You know what? Just put it directly on the floor and we'll just lick it off the carpet. Yum! Sorry, I don't like using things with my meal that have been rolling around where people put their feet. I'm a freak.

My best friend Marlana looks at me and says 'You do realize they are going to bring spit-salsa to our table now, right?' I sigh 'Yes.' 'Well, I'm not eating it' she says and I nod 'Me either.' 'Let's go' Marlana prompts and we get up to leave. 'Where are you going?' the hostess asked. 'We don't need the salsa' Marlana informs. 'She is coming right back with it' she insists. 'We don't want it. Good night' Marlana says. 'But she'll be right back!' she presses. 'We don't want to BOTHER you guys anymore' Marlana calls as we exit. 'It's not a bother!' she calls back and, by now, Marlana and I are out of the restaurant and heading toward the elevators. 'She's chasing us' I say to Marlana softly. 'Ha-ha' Marlana responds, not believing me. It can't be true. It can't be true because THAT WOULD BE CRAZY. Marlana gets onto the elevator and I say again 'She's running after us...' Marlana ignores me. That can't be true she must be joking, said Marlana. Marlana pushes the level button in the elevator and go to speak to me as the doors close 'What the HELL was....' A blur of motion captures my eye. A figure is flinging themselves at the door. A hand is reaching into the closing gap. What the f#%^....WHAT THE F$%#?! Marlana grabs me, wanting to both keep her away from whatever madness is just beyond the door and wanting to make sure the doors close. The doors slam shut, a cheerful 'BING!' is the sound of successfully evading our psychotic pursuer. My best friend looks at me and we both howl with evil/nervous laughter.

'What the f$@% was that?!' my best friend ask. I told her 'The waitress came out of the kitchen. The hostess snatched up the salsa and went charging after us.' She was going to MAKE us take that Salsa. She was going to teach us a lesson about....asking for Salsa and then walking away. She had been on the edge of stopping our elevator, pushing the doors open, and insisting we take it. Holy F#^@! I almost wish she would have caught up with us. I think I would have smiled politely and said 'Wonderful. Get into the elevator with us. We're going to see the manager all together now. What fun this will be.' Of course, my best friend and I go to complain. I'm not one of those people. But YOU DON'T CHASE PEOPLE THROUGH A HOTEL WITH CONDIMENTS! How f#$#^^@ crazy!!! I mean, I could let arguing in front of me slide. I could let them being rather nasty about how they treat food slide. I MIGHT have even let her EXPLAIN why my request is outrageous...and just never have returned to that restaurant. But do NOT chase people with salsa till they have to escape you on an elevator.

We told the manager and I said 'Maybe she had a bad night. Maybe we came too late was just really busy or something. We aren't looking for anything free. And I don't want to get anyone in trouble.' (Seriously) 'Tell them to stop doing's creepy. Because, until tonight, I've never had to run from Salsa.' The manager was howling with laughter by the end and we got free breakfast. My best friend tells me as we go back to our room 'I don't want a free breakfast. We'll probably end up having to run from eggs in the morning.'

Let me know your thoughts? Has this ever happened to you? Is being chase by Salsa normal?